Microsoft Directions NA 2022 Recap: 6 Key Announcements for D365 Business Central Partners

Each year hundreds of Dynamics 365 Business Central partners come together for annual Directions conference where Microsoft and other technology experts provide important partner and product updates. In this blog, we recap six key announcements that will have a big impact on how partners engage with their customers to close on more business and streamline…

Is it Time to Move to Dynamics 365? New Features Available to Enhance Productivity

Microsoft has announced what’s new and planned for the Dynamics 365 Business Central 2022 release wave 1, which covers new functionalities that will be available in the major release of Business Central taking place in April 2022. Most of these new features are currently available in preview. The changes will benefit Microsoft partners and customers—with…

Tips to Help End-Users Identify Phishing Attacks

Email is the most common vehicle for phishing attacks. But hackers also try to hijack other channels—text messages, phone calls, social media instant messaging, communication tools like Slack, and even faxes or regular mail. Cybercriminals who send phishing attacks hope to fool end-users into thinking they are someone they know. Threat actors also hope to…

Happy New Year! Microsoft Fiscal Year 2022 is Kicking Off

Happy New Year to Microsoft who have just kicked off Q1 of their Fiscal Year 2022. With this new fiscal year comes some new announcements. Microsoft just announced the launch of the Dynamics 365 Cloud Migration promotion on August 1, 2021. This new promotion provides discounted Dynamics 365 online services to drive customers’ migration to the cloud. It also supports customers who have…

Deliver Time Tracking Automation and Expanded Inventory Management to Your SMB ProServ Clients

In April, Stratos Cloud reviewed how partners can leverage Advanced Projects by Progressus for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to meet their professional services industry and project-based prospect requirements and win more business.  With our deep resources and subject matter experts, the Stratos Cloud team helps partners deliver an integrated solution for project management, billing and inventory management to their SMB professional services prospects and customers so they can stay ahead of the competition leveraging Microsoft’s…

Go Vertical with Stratos Cloud Alliance

To begin to answer the question of why it is important to go vertical, we need to first understand what that means. “Going vertical” refers to businesses specializing in a niche by offering services and products that cater to and fulfill the requirements of a particular industry. So, why go vertical? Because of the opportunity.…

Advanced Projects for Dynamics 365 Business Central – Now Offers Intercompany

Advanced Projects by Progressus and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central delivers an integrated solution to the professional services industry by addressing industry requirements with project management, billing, and inventory management functionalities. Advanced Projects is a single, cloud-based solution that provides what professional services companies need, including robust business management functionality such as financial management and…

Stratos Cloud Alliance Continues to Accelerate Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Value

Stratos Cloud Alliance, a Microsoft Indirect CSP Provider who specializes in Dynamics 365, is also a certified Microsoft ISV Development Center. Our development team brings fresh and innovative thinking to support ISVs and our partners in realizing value faster when creating solutions and applications that extend functionality to meet customer requirements.  On April 19th, 2021,…

Directions North America 2021 – the Conference for Microsoft Dynamics SMB Partners – is a Wrap!

Last week the Directions North America conference, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central event driven by Partners – for Partners, was held “virtually”. The three-day event included keynote speakers, exciting announcements and more. Were you unable to attend?  Read on as our team at Stratos Cloud Alliance shares what they took away from the event.…