4 Keys to a Successful D365 Practice

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    It is no secret that Microsoft Dynamics 365 will continue to disrupt the traditional model for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) within the Microsoft Dynamics channel and beyond. More than ever before, customers expect their providers to deliver business value and functionality through vertical IP and expertise.  Traditional ERP providers and managed service providers will have to adapt to stay relevant through the digital transformation of the market.

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    Of course opening a new line of business in the cloud requires careful consideration. With that in mind, we offer these 4 key considerations for maintaining a successful D365 practice.

    1. Client Relationships

    Moving from a project oriented ERP practice to one that is based on cloud subscriptions requires a more service oriented approach to customer relationships. The ability to tailor a software portfolio that meets the needs of the customer at the time of the sale as well as providing on-going and comprehensive customer service as needs change is critical to driving growth and profit in the cloud. This goes hand in hand with our next key to success…

    2. Customer Retention

    High customer retention rates are mission-critical to a monthly recurring revenue model. Customer requirements are shifting toward needing a trusted technology advisor who can provide new and innovative solutions that deliver business value over time and high churn could stand between your business and long-term revenue. This brings us to our next key point…

    3. Revenue Generation

    As IT requirements become more complex and business applications move to modern cloud platforms, it has become easier than ever for your customers to scale solutions and expand their portfolio as they grow. Customers expect to be able to easily switch on new applications and users licenses as they need and providers who aren’t able to offer a comprehensive app marketplace will lose out on major revenue opportunities.  We’ll finish up this thought with our final key factor to a successful D365 practice…

    4. New Revenue Streams

    To capitalize on the digital transformation of the market, Partners and MSPs will have to transform their business with innovative new revenue streams. Providers who are able to market and deliver a suite of high-margin Microsoft cloud products to augment the core Dynamics solution will be able maintain a healthy revenue stream in the D365 channel.

    How Microsoft’s Indirect CSP Gets You Started

    Building a Dynamics 365 practice from scratch or reorganizing your traditional ERP practice comes with its risks, costs and strain to your business. Microsoft is working with an Indirect Cloud Solution Provider to enable partners and MSPs to capitalize on the opportunity that D365 provides without putting that strain and risk on the business. Stratos Cloud Alliance is an exclusive Microsoft Indirect Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) providing Dynamics partners and MSPs with a turnkey Dynamics 365 practice in 30 days – with no up-front investment in training or hiring of additional staff. Let’s look at how Stratos Cloud Alliance can help you succeed in the D365 channel.

    • Strengthen Client Relationships – Stratos Cloud Alliance delivers the tools and resources you need to better manage your customer relationships and capture growth and profit opportunities.
    • Increase Client Retention Rate – Stratos first helps your capture cloud opportunity and then helps you grow. Stratos Cloud Alliance has the resources you need to become a trusted partner to clients and provide increased services and value-added support.
    • Drive Increased Revenue – Stratos Cloud Alliance helps you Sell high-margin Microsoft cloud products along with your own offerings and services so you can drive sales, grow your business and go to market faster.
    • Open New Revenue Streams – With Stratos Cloud alliance it is less risky and requires fewer resources for you to capitalize on digital transformation and open innovative, new revenue streams and realize with faster ROI.

    Stratos Cloud Alliance was created in 2017 by SBS Group, a leader in Microsoft business solutions for over 30 years, a pioneer of the Master VAR program, and an innovator in cloud services. Our team members are passionate in our commitment to Microsoft Corporation, the Microsoft Partner community, and our joint customers. We are committed to delivering the best in cloud services and support and providing all our stakeholders with a world-class customer experience.