Choosing a Microsoft CSP Indirect Provider
Here is a list of top criteria to consider when choosing your Microsoft CSP Indirect Provider.
Grow Revenue Selling Microsoft Dynamics 365
Six ways to increase customer loyalty and profitability.
Stratos Cloud Alliance Partner Guide
Learn about the programs, resources, and services that have so many partners joining Stratos.
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  1. migrate your on-premises customers to the cloud

    What Microsoft Partners, Microsoft Itself, and ERP Competitors are Saying to Your Customers

    Scott May
    Here is the hard truth Microsoft Partner customers need to hear: The cloud is no longer cutting edge. It’s a necessity. Today, partner customers still holding onto their on-premises infrastructure probably thought cloud technology was a passing fad. Or maybe they just didn’t have the resources at the time to undertake a digital transformation. Whatever…
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  2. Progressus Advanced Projects May Release Now Available

    Rich Fowler
    Progressus Advanced Projects release is available and includes a variety of enhancements. Progressus Advanced Projects release includes application enhancements to expand the robust functionality available to professional services and project-based businesses. The May release contains enhancements most notably to Cost and Billing as well as Time. Cost & Pricing and Time Keep manually…
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  3. 2023 Partner day awards

    Winners Announced for 2023 Stratos Cloud Alliance Partner of the Year Awards 

    Bill Anderson
    Stratos Cloud Alliance Partner of the Year Awards Stratos Cloud Alliance Partners were recognized for outstanding performance in distinct categories at the Annual Partner Day meeting held prior to the 2023 Directions North America Conference in Orlando, Florida.   COLUMBUS, OH — MAY 19, 2023 — The Stratos Cloud Alliance Partner of the Year Winners were…
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  4. What is Microsoft Azure Plan and What Makes it different than the Microsoft Azure Subscription?

    Phil Wittmer
    Microsoft is requiring users to move from Microsoft Azure Subscriptions to the Microsoft Azure Plan which provides one Azure tenant for centralized management of subscriptions. Watch and learn how the new Azure Plan helps to streamline the management process and enable self-service where needed.
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