Your Portal to Success

The very first thing you encounter when you access your Stratos Cloud Partner Portal is a series of videos each designed to get you started on building or expanding your business with Dynamics 365 BC, CRM, the Microsoft Power Platform, and various other headline topics meant to keep you fully informed on the latest greatest news in our channel.

All on the Stratos Cloud Home Page!

Next, you’ll see links to all new assets released within the last 90 days including new email campaigns, hot high leads, web leads, new form leads and your progress in your engagement with Stratos Cloud.

Right there on the home page, as you continue scrolling, you’ll find the doorway to the wealth of assets Stratos Cloud makes available to you. Right there you can:

  • Import Contacts for your Marketing Automation Campaigns
  • Register New Opportunities
  • View Your Events Calendar
  • Enter the Asset Library

Microsoft CSP Online Account Management

Partner Marketing Resources

Ready to start marketing? Here are the tools you need:

Email Campaigns

Social Media Postings

Landing Pages

Drip Campaigns

Build and Track

Partner Sales Resources

You and your sales team will keep track of the accounts and contacts you’re pursuing right here in the portal and keep careful track of the pipeline of opportunities they’re building!

Delivering more and more value are the many Stratos Cloud Sales Playbooks you’ll find right here in the Sales section of the Stratos Cloud Partner Portal!! Here, you’ll learn about:

  • New Wave Releases
  • How to Market & Sell Microsoft Platforms
  • Fundamentals of Microsoft Platforms
  • Network, Security, and Other Assessments
  • Sales Strategy Content
  • Time Management Strategies
  • New Microsoft Programs
  • Progressus and Other Platform Products

Gain Access to Our Network of ISV Solutions

We have partnered with dozens of ISV's to help our partners extend the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and deliver the ideal solution to their clients. As a Stratos Cloud Alliance partner, you gain access to all of our ISV's solutions, and our combined expertise in implementing these solutions.
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