A Proven Azure Cloud Services Partner

When you offer your customers Azure Cloud Services, you’re actually bringing them to a complete, comprehensive new operating environment for computing and information management. Azure provides more than most any other data center ever has. Not just compute and storage, but literally thousands of services, every configuration of server any company could ever require, all the major operating systems, databases, cognitive, artificial intelligence and machine learning support, and so much more.

Any company coming to such an enormous new world will always require a knowledgeable guide to help them take greatest advantage of everything that is now available to them. When you partner with Stratos Cloud, any time your experts encounter a challenge they can’t yet step up to they can call upon our experts to provide the answers and the training they need to expand their own capabilities.

Take your customers on this guided tour of their Azure journey:

Cloud Readiness

Managed Services



Business Continuity & Data Security

You, Stratos Cloud, and Azure Cloud Services

Your customers will eventually move completely to the cloud. They may do it with your competitors, or they’ll do it with you if you can provide a superior offering. With the support of Stratos Cloud you can migrate your customers, train them, support them, improve their operations, reduce their operating costs, and much more without having to invest a dime in training or preparation. While Stratos Cloud is providing that backup, you may want to use the opportunity to prepare yourself to take over more of it and enjoy more of the available profitability yourself!

Gain Access to Our Network of ISV Solutions

We have partnered with dozens of ISV's to help our partners extend the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and deliver the ideal solution to their clients. As a Stratos Cloud Alliance partner, you gain access to all of our ISV's solutions, and our combined expertise in implementing these solutions.