PowerApps, PowerBI, and PowerAutomate for Your Clients

Microsoft Power Platform is a low-code and no-code development toolset to maximize the value of your Microsoft investment, like customizing, extending and building mobile apps, developing automatic workflows and creating business intelligence to enhance Office 365 and Dynamics 365 business solutions. With integrated artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning and a flexible business intelligence and reporting model, your workforce can take advantage of personalized dashboards providing top-to-bottom real-time visibility and predictive analytics.

Your customers, whether small businesses or large, are empowered to achieve more – EVERYONE, from the CEO to front-line workers, can drive the business using data. For your customers who want to get the most from the Microsoft Power Platform, Stratos Cloud offers you consulting, training, development, integration, and business intelligence services to help your customers:

  • Power BI to unlock insights and intelligence
  • Power Apps to convert that intelligence into action through transformative applications built in record time
  • Microsoft Power Automate to make business process orchestration an easy point and click exercise
  • Power Virtual Agents to respond rapidly to customer and employee needs at scale

Putting this power to analyze, act and automate in the hands of individuals who know their business best, with built-in connectors to all the systems and sources of data in an organization, creates previously unimaginable transformation opportunities for your customers – that’s how Stratos Cloud assists you to empower them with insights and information.

Stratos Cloud helps you modernize the way your customer analyzes data, builds solutions, automates processes and creates virtual agents with the Microsoft Power Platform.

You, Stratos Cloud, and the Power Platform

Even if you’ve never offered Power Platform functionality to your customers before, turn to Stratos Cloud for the training you need to recommend these powerful extensions to the functionality of every Dynamics 365 implementation or other project you sell.

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We have partnered with dozens of ISV's to help our partners extend the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and deliver the ideal solution to their clients. As a Stratos Cloud Alliance partner, you gain access to all of our ISV's solutions, and our combined expertise in implementing these solutions.