Acerra Enterprises is SCA’s Latest Alliance Partner

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    Stratos Cloud Alliance (SCA) has partnered with Acerra Enterprises to deliver Dynamics 365, Office 365, Azure and other Microsoft and ISV products in the cloud.

    Acerra Enterprises joined Stratos Cloud Alliance, an Indirect Microsoft Cloud Service Distributor specializing in Dynamics 365, to better deliver a suite of cloud based Microsoft products, announced SCA today.

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    SCA enables providers of Microsoft services and solutions to start offering Dynamics 365, Office 365 and other cloud solutions in 30 days or less. As an SCA partner, Acerra Enterprises now offers a robust Microsoft Cloud Solution Marketplace supported by SCA to help Microsoft customers procure and implement cloud solutions.

    “As a partner with the Stratos Cloud Alliance, we are excited to be able to expand our ability to provide our expertise in financial systems, business operations and CRM to our clients while leveraging SCA’s extensive array of Microsoft & ISV products and services,” said Eve Shepard, VP & Director, Business Development. “SCA is committed to working as true partner to help Microsoft solution providers deliver the best in cloud services to customers, eliminating the divide between Dynamics ERP, Dynamics CRM and other Microsoft cloud products.”

    About Acerra Enterprises
    Acerra Enterprises is a Washington, DC based Microsoft partner, serving area businesses, nonprofits, and associations that need to digitally transform their organization’s business processes in Finance, Customer/Member Services, and Operations.

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