Demystifying Microsoft’s Cloud Service Provider Program for Dynamics Partners

Table of Content

    Why, What, How and Who of CSP: This white paper will examine what recent changes in the partner channel mean for resellers whose businesses rely on Dynamics ERP and CRM based revenue. What choices should you make? Who can you turn to for advice & enablement? How does the Cloud Service Provider program help you stay relevant through digital transformation?

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    The Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) program was launched to help partners go to market in the cloud quickly with less risk and upfront investment. CSP lets partners become Microsoft cloud providers from anywhere in the world, whether they are newcomers to selling cloud products or already cloud experts. With CSP, partners set their own prices and profit margins for reselling Microsoft’s most popular cloud products with no restrictions regarding company size, location or competency levels. The conclusions reached within this whitepaper culminated from 30+ years of experience from the experts at Stratos Cloud Alliance. To help demystify the Microsoft CSP program we will examine the following:

    • Why Microsoft is Driving Partners to CSP
    • Fundamental Changes Resellers Need to Make to Adapt to the Model
    • Programs to Help Resellers
    • Introduction to the Stratos Cloud Alliance

    Of course, the high cost of entry and strain on resources to build a Dynamics 365 practice from scratch would create a reorganization upheaval for many traditional Dynamics solution and services providers. Microsoft recognizes this challenge and has partnered with the Stratos Cloud Alliance, an exclusive Indirect Cloud Service Provider, to guide resellers, MSPs and ISVs as they build their Dynamics 365 practice. SCA provides enablement resources to help partners start selling quickly and stay profitable in the D365 space.