Complimentary Dynamics GP to Business Central Migration Assessment Available for Microsoft Partners

Stratos Cloud Alliance members can take advantage of a free Business Central Migration Assessment to help plan the move to Dynamics 365 BC.

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    Stratos Cloud Alliance members can now take advantage of a free Business Central Migration Assessment to help analyze client’s Dynamics GP environment, identify migration barriers, and begin to build your plan to move them to Dynamics 365 Business Central.

    The Dynamics GP users you work with have relied on Dynamics to manage their business, but technology and customer needs are changing. By helping them move to Dynamics 365 Business Central in the cloud, you’re helping your users avoid costly upgrades and maintenance.

    With Dynamics 365 Business Central, you’re helping your customers:

    1. Prepare for current and future business challenges, including hybrid work, supply chain disruption, labor shortages, and security threats. They’ll always have the latest technology.
    2. Gain long term ROI by eliminating the upgrades, hardware, and downtime incurred with existing on-premises systems.
    3. Improve productivity and collaboration by simplifying access to information through embedded integration with Microsoft 365 and Teams.
    4. Optimize business performance with comprehensive reporting, AI, and predictive analytics. Identify potential issues before they happen and make better decisions to increase sales, improve service, and drive profitability and growth.Business Central

    As a Microsoft partner, you can offer this free Business Central migration assessment to all of your Dynamics GP clients. The tool takes less than five minutes on average to analyze an existing GP  environment and generate a personalized report which includes:

    • A summary of the modules, features, and ISV solutions in use. Confirmation of product version, data consumption, and other industry specific requirements.
    • An assessment of readiness to move to Business Central.
    • Guidance on next steps including scope of implementation and proposed migration plan.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is the migration assessment free or are there any licensing requirements?

    The migrations assessment is available at no cost, and licensing is not required.

    Do I need to purchase a Dynamics Business Central license in order to run the assessment tool?

    No, a Business Central license is not required to run the tool.

    Will the assessment work on any version of Microsoft Dynamics GP?

    Yes, the assessment will work on any version of Dynamics GP and Microsoft SQL Server.

    Will the assessment tool run on any device?

    The tool can be run from any computer with a connection to the SQL server running the GP database. An internet connection is required to upload the results. To browse the Dynamics file set more easily, we recommend running the tool on a PC that also runs the Dynamic GP client.

    How long does it take to complete the assessment?

    On average, the tool will complete its assessment in less than five minutes.

    Do users need to be logged out of GP to use the assessment tool?

    No, users can continue to work as usual in GP while running the tool.

    Will the tool change any data in they GP system?

    No, the assessment tool only READs and collects metadata from the GP SQL Server database.

    How long does it take to get my report after I run the assessment?

    You will receive an email the same day with a link to your report.

    What is Stratos Cloud Alliance’s data security and privacy policy?

    The tool analyzes anonymous metadata such as the name and version of the solutions, number of customers and vendors in the system, and the number of transactions and modules used in Dynamics GP. Financial or customer data is NOT collected or analyzed.

    What happens to the data after the assessment is completed?

    The migration assessment tool is managed by Stratos Cloud Alliance to help you guide your customers to take the next step in digital transformation. The metadata collected from each assessment will be provided to you and stored. Contact if you would like your data removed.


    Reach out to us today to learn more about the Business Central Migration Assessment.