Microsoft Expands AI Offerings: Meta’s Llama 2 Available to Azure Customers

Microsoft unveiled the availability of Meta's groundbreaking language software, Llama 2, on its Azure cloud computing service.

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    In a surprising move, Microsoft recently announced its collaboration with Meta, going beyond its partnership with OpenAI. At the Inspire conference held on Tuesday, July 18, 2023, Microsoft unveiled the availability of Meta’s groundbreaking language software, Llama 2, on its Azure cloud computing service. This strategic decision by Microsoft highlights its commitment to exploring generative AI technologies beyond its association with OpenAI. It signifies a major step toward democratizing AI for a broader user base. In this blog post, we will delve into the details of Microsoft’s new offering and its potential implications.

    Microsoft Expands AI Offerings: Meta's Llama 2 Available to Azure Customers

    Breaking Free from Exclusivity

    Microsoft’s substantial investment in OpenAI and its integration of OpenAI’s chatbot technology into its search and other key products have solidified the software giant’s commitment to artificial intelligence. However, with the introduction of Meta’s Llama 2, Microsoft is making it clear that it is not limited to a single provider for generative AI. This move signifies Microsoft’s willingness to explore and embrace AI advancements from other companies as well.

    Meta’s Preferred Partner

    According to a blog post by Meta, Microsoft is their “preferred partner” for the Llama 2 software. By choosing Microsoft as their primary collaborator, Meta aims to leverage Microsoft’s extensive resources and reach to make Llama 2 more accessible to commercial customers and researchers alike. Microsoft, renowned for its commitment to democratizing AI, is thrilled to be working with Meta and supporting the release of Llama 2 to the commercial market.

    Democratizing AI with Llama 2

    Both Meta and Microsoft share a common vision of democratizing AI and ensuring its benefits reach a wide range of users. Llama 2 represents a significant step in that direction. The availability of Llama 2 for free to companies and researchers demonstrates Meta’s commitment to open access and empowering developers to explore the possibilities of AI in various applications. Microsoft echoes this sentiment by offering developers the freedom to choose the models they build on, fostering innovation and pushing the boundaries of AI.

    Monetization and Commercial Licensing

    While Meta’s primary focus with Llama 2 is not monetization, businesses seeking enterprise hosting capabilities for the software would need to pay Microsoft for commercial licensing. This arrangement enables Meta to extend the reach of Llama 2 to more users and developers, potentially benefiting from the increased adoption of their homegrown AI software.

    A Multifaceted Partnership

    The collaboration between Meta and Microsoft represents an exciting development in the AI landscape. With Llama 2 being made available on Microsoft Azure, the partnership opens new avenues for AI exploration, research, and development. Llama 2 will also be accessible through Amazon Web Services and Hugging Face, further expanding its availability to AI researchers and enthusiasts.

    The Implications

    Microsoft’s decision to embrace Meta’s Llama 2 is a significant milestone for the software giant. By diversifying its AI offerings and investing in alternative language models, Microsoft showcases its commitment to advancing AI technologies beyond the boundaries of a single partnership. The positive market response, as indicated by the 4.7% increase in Microsoft shares during midday trading, highlights the potential of this new collaboration and the market’s confidence in Microsoft’s AI strategy.


    Microsoft’s announcement at the Inspire conference regarding the availability of Meta’s Llama 2 on its Azure cloud computing service demonstrates the company’s eagerness to expand its AI offerings beyond its existing partnership with OpenAI. By partnering with Meta, Microsoft is not only showcasing its commitment to exploring generative AI from diverse sources but also enabling developers and businesses to harness the power of Llama 2. With this collaboration, Microsoft takes a step forward in democratizing AI and solidifies its position as a leader in the AI landscape.

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