Microsoft Fabric Release Preview: Magic in Fabric

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    All organizations and companies are on a data journey, and though those journeys begin at different points, the destination is doing more to improve business with the data they own. Microsoft Fabric offers new tools and unifies existing tools in exciting ways that allow our partners to help their clients do more with their data.

    Data is a lens that provides insights into how work gets done, and those insights can answer important questions about what has happened, what is happening, and what is likely to happen in the future. Regardless of the size or function of a business, having answers to those questions provides a powerful impetus for your clients to move forward and improve.

    What happened, and why?

    Every data journey begins by harnessing data, and then leveraging it to answer fundamental questions about how the organization functions. Those questions are the basis of analytics, and they usually begin with asking about events that have happened and why they happened. Perhaps sales sharply declined, and business leaders need to understand why—or perhaps they improved, but no one understands how to replicate the improvement.

    Although that’s where most data journeys begin, they don’t always carry on. Roadblocks and barriers exist for numerous reasons. Commonly, those reasons include complexity or perceived cost, or perhaps they must make a product decision or feel they’ve missed an opportunity.

    Microsoft Fabric makes continuing the data journey a simpler, more unified experience, regardless of where the roadblocks or barriers occur.

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    Continuing the data journey smoothly

    Organizations of all sizes can benefit from predictable patterns in analytics, and Microsoft offers the right products at scale to build a complete analytics system. Microsoft Fabric seamlessly brings together these products for use by developers, data engineers, and nontechnical users alike.

    Everyone in your organization can unlock the power of data when all of these systems that were built independently are integrated with Microsoft Fabric. Even if a user is an expert in Microsoft Office but knows little about Power BI, they still have the advantage of a complete analytics platform that is best of breed, a unified SaaS solution, low code, and pro developer.

    Always governed, secure by default

    Microsoft Fabric Lake, also known as OneLake, is a single, unified, logical data lake for your entire organization. It is designed to be the single place for all your analytics data, similar to how OneDrive is the single place for all your personal files. OneLake is automatically available to every Microsoft Fabric tenant and comes with every Microsoft Fabric subscription.

    One set of login credentials provides access to the different components, so there’s no need for any user to juggle numerous logins. That single set of credentials also makes security unified, and governance is enforced throughout each component. Users have access to what they need but nothing else.

    Smooth scaling

    Since all of the various components of the analytics platform are unified and integrated, scaling becomes a non-issue for your customers, because it simply happens in real time. Information streaming from various sources, moment-to-moment, pour into the data lake, where it can be used as it is needed.

    Even better, Copilot allows your clients to build with natural language. A user can request a report by describing it in conversational language, and within moments they will have a visually appealing, clear, accurate report.

    Data science is a sophisticated stop on the data journey, but it is now accessible. Power BI allows users to see answers to questions, and as part of Microsoft Fabric, it bridges the gap between analytics and users. Everyone can discover and deploy the best data for their purpose thanks to these AI-assisted features.

    Explore with personas

    The persona-centric experience allows for exploring Microsoft Fabric through the eyes of various users. Engineers can dig into the data integration workload and discover how connecting cloud, on-premises, and third-party applications can be connected.

    Being able to tell an organization’s story through its data can provide a dynamic and robust tool for marketing, decision-making, and various other business functions. Data integration means that the story is complete and up-to-date.

    Data warehousing is sometimes a difficult topic, either because business leaders think it’s too complex or too expensive, but with Microsoft Fabric, it can be scaled to meet the specific needs of the organization.

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