Ritter Solutions Increases Revenue and Stickiness with Clients as a Stratos Cloud Partner

Learn how becoming a Stratos Cloud Partner helped Ritter Solutions increase revenue and stickiness with clients.

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    HEADQUARTERS: Houston, Texas, USA

    CHALLENGE: Ritter Solutions creates apps for its clients using Microsoft Power Apps, Power Automate, Power BI, and more, but needed to add the ability to sell Microsoft Dynamics licensing to clients.

    SOLUTION: Ritter Solutions partnered with Stratos Cloud to better support clients with additional Microsoft licensing when needed.

    BENEFITS: Stratos Cloud allows Ritter Solutions to be a more comprehensive software provider to its clients, increasing customer satisfaction and “stickiness” with clients, while increasing revenue.

    Ritter Solutions

    With creative custom Power Platform solutions and apps, Ritter Solutions simplifies and automatesAbout Stratos Cloud business processes so clients can focus on what’s important: increasing the bottom line. From small businesses to large enterprises, Ritter Solutions builds and manages all-in-one, unified, and automated business solutions that reduce costs, improve the bottom line, and increase employee

    Ritter Solutions serves large, medium, and small clients in a range of different industries across the US. Its client portfolio ranges from large oil and gas enterprises to small mom and pop shops. “It’s really a blast to work with a manufacturer one day, a winery the next, then a video game developer the next,” describes Ritter Solutions President Dan Ritter. “It keeps things interesting to work on something new each day,” continues Ritter.

    Ritter Solutions’ apps save clients time and money. Recently, Ritter Solutions developed a Microsoft Power Apps, Power BI, Power Automate, and SharePoint solution to replace a client’s cumbersome, outdated, unsupported system, saving the client $70,000 right off the bat. When Ritter Solutions clients like this one ask for more Microsoft solutions like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (BC), Ritter needs a way to provide it to them. “While our application development is project-based, it often triggers the need for additional Microsoft licensing, or in some cases it’s even a new company who hasn’t yet purchased their Microsoft licensing,” says Ritter. To be able to offer additional licensing, Ritter stays top of mind with its clients and serves a trusted, one-stopshop.

    Stratos Cloud Partnership

    Ritter Solutions began looking at ways to provide Microsoft licensing to clients, and Stratos Cloud was on the shortlist. “Stratos Cloud is highly regarded in the Microsoft community, and has won several Microsoft awards, so we looked into partnering with them—it seemed like a safe bet,” Ritter. After reviewing several other partner profiles, Ritter decided to join the Stratos Cloud Alliance. “The recurring licensing from Microsoft cloud subscriptions nicely compliments the projectbased work that we do, and helps us to stay sticky with our clients,” explains Ritter.

    Ritter Solutions reaches out to its Partner Development Manager at Stratos Cloud weekly depending on the projects it has going on. “It’s very nice to have someone that I can contact for questions,” says Ritter. “As we’ve just gotten into selling licenses, it’s been helpful to tap into a strong team for questions and support—the Stratos Cloud support network is tremendous. Our Partner Development Manager is super helpful, and selling licenses has been relatively headache free. If I get a licensing challenge that I haven’t dealt with before, I’m 30-seconds away from a chat, call, or meeting to figure things out. Now I can offer an additional sales channel that I didn’t have before, and it gives me greater credibility with my clients,” continues Ritter. Ritter Solutions has also used additional support resources from Stratos Cloud, and recently tagged in Stratos Cloud for a client tenant migration. “Everything was migrated by the Stratos support team, and it was fantastic,” says Ritter.

    “If I get a licensing challenge that I haven’t dealt with before, I’m 30-seconds away from a chat, call, or meeting to figure things out.”

    – Dan Ritter

    President, Ritter Solutions

    Business Benefits

    Ritter Solutions has added recurring monthly Microsoft licensing revenue through its partnership with Stratos Cloud, added another one-time engagement, and now has a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central opportunity with a client that they wouldn’t have been able to pursue without Stratos Cloud. “This is a quarter of a million-dollar deal that we wouldn’t have had a shot at in the past,” says Ritter.

    When asked if he would recommend Stratos to a colleague or business partner, Ritter jokes: “No, I want to keep Stratos to myself—I would recommend whoever is worse–they are too good to recommend,” laughs Ritter. “No seriously, I’d highly recommend working with Stratos Cloud—it has been fantastic, and I really appreciate the opportunity. I love that when I grow, we both grow,” concludes Ritter.