Stratos Cloud Alliance Enables Camelot 3PL to Grow its Microsoft Business while Better Serving Customers

Camelot joined the Stratos Alliance to better serve their customers by utilizing tools such as Dynamics, Azure, Power Platform, & Office.

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    Partner Overview

    A market leader since 1987, Camelot 3PL Software provides Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) exclusively for third party logistics (3PL) warehouses to streamline their operations, eliminate costs and increase service levels. Offering cloud (SaaS) and on-premise solutions, Camelot’s highly configurable solutions are ideal for small, medium, and enterprise-level warehouse businesses.


    The Challenge

    Over the past 10 years, many of Camelot’s clients have migrated to the cloud, which has enabled support for supply chain needs. eCommerce has accelerated greatly over the past several years, with brick-and-mortar sales increasingly being replaced by online sales. “Of course, COVID, over the past two years, has increased the need for ecommerce fulfillment,” says Geoff Greenhill, Senior Sales Engineer and Director of Sales for Camelot. Camelot is known for bringing its years of experience with 3PLs to client implementations, effectively demonstrating how clients can leverage technology to improve their business and reviewing business objectives and recommending technology solutions to fix problems.

    Camelot discovered that many of its clients could benefit from Microsoft Dynamics and the API interfaces that it enables for an omnichannel environment. “As experts in the WMS vertical, we needed a partner who would provide access to additional Microsoft subscriptions to supplement our expertise and better support our customers with an end-to-end solution,” explains Greenhill.

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    Camelot saw that a partnership with Stratos Cloud Alliance would allow them to extend beyond the operational side of the clients’ business to back-office accounting, sales and marketing, and the metrics and analysis available with Power Apps.

    Its WMS solutions could then integrate with a full suite of financial management and accounting modules available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. “Camelot joined the Stratos Alliance to better serve our customers with tools such as Dynamics, Azure, Power Platform, and Microsoft Office, and to gain additional business application support,” says Greenhill.

    Smooth Onboarding

    After joining the Stratos Cloud Alliance, Camelot was tasked with migrating its hundreds of Azure client subscriptions over to Stratos. “Stratos Cloud Alliance’s toolset allowed us to migrate our subscriptions over to Stratos seamlessly—it was a painless process—and adding additional users is a breeze,” says Greenhill. “The Stratos team was so helpful with the migrations—we didn’t have to spend time focused on the backend work,” adds Greenhill.

    After partnering with Stratos, Camelot’s relationship with Microsoft improved. “We can now sell more applications than we were previously certified for, and we now have better support for auxiliary applications such as Power Platform,” says Greenhill. “Stratos taps into many additional resources that we didn’t have access to within Microsoft,” adds Greenhill. “Our partnership with Stratos Cloud Alliance provides a large benefit to our clients, and we can now support them in a more holistic manner,” concludes Greenhill.