Stratos Management Portal Upgrade – New Features

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    Monday we released the latest upgrade to Stratos Management Portal, version 4.8.  Management Portal 4.8 includes some exciting enhancements and brand new features. With Stratos Management Portal our partners are able to start transacting on Microsoft cloud products like D365, 365 and Azure in days. To learn more about accelerated ISV and Partner paths to providing customers with Microsoft cloud solutions checkout Resource 365.

    Stratos Management Portal 4.8 New Features

    • Order Pre-Payment: Clients can pre-pay for their orders for faster time to value
    • Reseller Payment Profiles: Streamlined invoice payment for resellers
    • Notification about Tax exemption: A Reseller can fully or partially exempt a client organization from paying tax
    • Associate serial numbers to ordered Items: For easy identification, providers can manually associate unique serial numbers with the shippable Items of an Order during Order placement in EAS. These serial numbers are displayed in the Invoice PDF of the Orders to which they are associated.
    • File Attachment: Files can now be attached to Orders to provide insights into provisioning information, product manuals, contractual documents, or any other content, as required.
    • GDPR compliance: In compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the European privacy law scheduled to become effective from May 2018, Stratos introduces the options for users to have data privacy. When an Organization user is no longer active in the system, Service Providers can completely remove personal data of that user from the database.

    All of these features have been automatically deployed so new and current SCA partners can start taking advantage of these new features and enhancements immediately.