Transform to Digital at your Own Pace

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    The traditional Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) market has been completely transformed by the maturation of cloud computing, but that doesn’t mean ERP and CRM software and service providers have jump into building a cloud practice with both feet. Dynamics 365 is the next evolution of Microsoft’s ERP in everything from user interface and add-on applications to development, delivery and more. In order to help trusted community of Partners, consultants and service providers transform to digital, Microsoft’s indirect cloud service provider Stratos Cloud Alliance (SCA) enables partners to move to modern and grow there D365 practice at their own pace. Learn about Dynamics 365 levels of entry for partners »

    Provide Cloud as an add-on service to your core on premises practice

    Of course there is still an active market for on-premises ERP solutions, so there’s no wonder why many Dynamics consultants and providers are not going all-in on Dynamics 365 just yet. But that doesn’t mean those providers want to turn their back on the D365 opportunity. SCA let’s you enter as and “Agent” level partner so you can capitalize on opportunities as they come, build your cloud expertise, and deliver add-on cloud capabilities to your existing customer base.

    Build a cloud practice based on Microsoft Solutions

    Weather you start slowly with SCA or have already been offering Dynamics cloud as a sideline, SCA will enable providers to grow their cloud practice generate recurring revenue, open new revenue streams and deliver a suite of Microsoft applications to accompany ERP and CRM software. SCA’s “Partner” level will allow providers to instantly expand their portfolio of applications with their own online eCommerce marketplace supported and maintained by SCA.


    Invest in cloud based Microsoft business solutions as a core focus

    For managed service providers and Microsoft Dynamics solutions partners who are ready to focus on cloud as a core offering, SCA offers turnkey Dynamics 365 solutions to start a D365 practice with built in end-user invoicing, branded D365 marketplace and more. With SCA’s “Merchant” level partnership, SCA does the heavy cloud lifting so organizations can differentiate themselves through vertical IP and expertise.