Which comes first Utilization or Growth?

With SCA you can build or expand your portfolio offerings across Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and Azure - quickly.

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    Many of our Stratos Cloud Alliance (SCA) partners have shared horror stories of their initial experiences of building a Microsoft Dynamics 365 practice. Before coming to SCA they had plans for aggressive growth, but after one too many uncomfortable experiences trying to solve their customer’s business challenge, unsuccessfully, they pulled back on their growth efforts. Managing the investment trade off of skilling up their resources (which can be a steep curve) versus meeting utilization goals, was prohibitive and lack of ERP experience was humbling. Now with SCA as their Indirect Provider their business is growing with Dynamics 365 as part of their growing offer portfolio. When I hear things like this, it really highlights the value of being an SCA partner. SCA allows for aggressive growth, managed capital investment, smooths the strain on existing resources, and can help build your team’s confidence. We can provide all the partner services you need when you need it.

    If you feel that you:

    • Lack the available, or ‘right’, staff
    • Do not want to invest more capital
    • Are challenged with balancing day-to-day business and your growth objectives
    • Know you have growth potential in your customer base and want to capitalize on that opportunity….. take the next step with Stratos Cloud Alliance

    Join us to learn how we dispel each of these concerns with our full-service offerings that you can take advantage of at a level that best supports you. Backed by over 30 years’ Dynamics business applications expertise, SCA is the best choice for partners looking to increase revenues. With a robust partner services catalog and dedicated Partner Development Managers, coupled with SCA’s pre-packaged offerings and UpNOW enablement workshops, you can build or expand your portfolio offerings across Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and Azure – quickly. Our sales support can help you land deals – with no experience necessary!

    If you are looking to learn more about how you can also grow your business with SCA join me on November 19th at 1:30ET to see how easy it is to grow with SCA as your partner.


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