Introducing the “We’ve Got Your Back” offer for Direct Bill Partners shifting to the Indirect Reseller CSP Model

It finally happened. Microsoft made the announcement about revised performance standards for its Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) direct bill partners. Now you must choose: Stay in the direct bill program and strive to meet the requirements or transition to the CSP Indirect Reseller program. Stratos Cloud Alliance can help you make the transition to the Indirect Reseller program with ease and confidence.

Get what you need from your Indirect Provider, download the Direct to Indirect Checklist

Take Advantage of the Stratos Cloud “We’ve Got Your Back” Direct to Indirect Offer

Get up and running quickly –
in as little as ONE DAY

Gain end-to-end services from pre-sales assistance to consulting support on Microsoft Cloud Solutions

Reap the rewards of individualized attention from an experienced team

In just one day, you can be up and running on our Stratos eCommerce Marketplace, where you can start transacting right away. But we’re about much more than simply transacting.

Here’s what you get with Stratos Cloud when you take advantage of our special offer just for direct bill partners moving to our indirect reseller program:

  • To support your transition, Stratos Cloud is offering to start you at our Volume Margin tier, up to a 28% margin for your first year, regardless of your transaction volume!
  • Free Stratos Marketplace – includes the Partner White Label Marketplace and client self service option.
  • An experienced, dedicated team that has successfully transitioned direct partners to the Indirect CSP model with ease and no interruptions to your business.
  • A partner that has 500+ employees all focused on the Microsoft Cloud with a deep partner services catalog for all Microsoft Cloud solutions including Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Copilot Generative AI so you can easily expand your business and grow your revenue without adding resources.
  • The team at Stratos Cloud is composed of experts who can supplement your team when needed.
  • Pre Sales & Marketing resources to help with generating and closing new revenue and transitioning your customers with transparency and ease

Ready to stop worrying about meeting Microsoft requirements and focus on meeting the needs of your customers? Ready to grow your business with a broader set of solutions and services? Ready to partner with an experienced team that has your back?

Contact us to learn more about Stratos Cloud Alliance and our partner program.

At Stratos Cloud Alliance, we understand the sacrifice and commitment you made to be a direct bill partner. There are dozens of criteria you had to meet, and it took time and money to attain the status of Direct CSP. We also have experience assisting previous Direct Bill Partners make the transition to the Indirect Reseller model – and – have also worked to transition Indirect Resellers who have joined our partner program.