3 Ways to Create YOUR Microsoft Cloud Superstore

What kind of Microsoft CSP (cloud solution provider) partner do you want to be? Our programs range from full customer service to a self- check-out model.

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    In our last blog, Meet Customer Demand: Create YOUR Microsoft Cloud Superstore, we described how you can add value to your customer base by extending your cloud solution offerings and:

    • Increasing customer stickiness and create a customer for life
    • Expanding revenue opportunity with existing and new customers
    • Introducing higher value services

    Next up is determining what kind of Microsoft CSP (cloud solution provider) partner you want to be, and what level of support you’d like to receive from Stratos Cloud Alliance (SCA).

    Microsoft CSP programs ranging from full customer service to a self- check-out model

    1. No Interest in Selling Dynamics 365 Moving Forward [Full-Service]

    You would like to add Dynamics to your business, but frankly you want to outsource the entire aisle. You want someone to stock it, merchandise it, and sell it to your customers. We have a number of SCA partners in this category. They have perhaps a couple of hundred clients utilizing Office 365, some of whom had expressed interest in Dynamics 365, but they are not interested in building the Dynamics aisle on their own. 

    Our SCA Referral program provides a simple, convenient way to outsource entry into Dynamics 365 — even if it’s just for one customer who needs it.  SCA will manage the entire sales process as well as the implementation for you. You’ll earn fees based on the business generated from your customers with little to no investment.

    2. No Dynamics 365 Expertise, but Evaluating Interest [Partner Assist]

    Another option for partners is to have someone, like a Microsoft CSP Sherpa, work with you to guide you through the process of selling, implementing and supporting Dynamics 365. You may want to invest in a Dynamics 365 aisle, but are cautious, and you don’t have a lot of Dynamics 365 expertise. In this scenario, partners are likely a traditional IT services partner with an Office 365 practice or currently specialize in another leading ERP solution, etc.  You’d like to step up your investment as your sales increase. 

    SCA has a program for that as well – the emerging partner program. Our engagement team will help guide you with training and other resources to build your knowledge of Dynamics 365. You can utilize our professional services team to help you sell and implement until your team is certified and ready to go. Our pre-sales Sherpas will work with your sales team to guide you through discovery, demo, and proposal. Emerging partners directly manage the entire customer lifecycle including pricing and billing, with an option to have SCA provide customer support.

    3. All-in with Dynamics 365 [Self-Service]

    Finally, you may be a partner who already has a Dynamics 365 practice, or you are ready to build one. You are all-in and want to ramp up your Microsoft CSP practice as quickly as you can. SCA helps partners with marketing and enablement programs to scale their Dynamics business. These all-in partners leverage SCA resources to help train new consultants, learn about new ISV solutions for Dynamics, and take advantage of our 30 plus years of experience in implementing Dynamics. You can increase margins while taking advantage of our ecommerce platforms for billing and CSP management. Growth and Volume partners value having an indirect provider who knows the difference between Dynamics CSP SKUs and can help them put together a total Dynamics solution, including ISVs and customization when needed.

    The SCA Growth program is a true distributor model for partners, and you directly manage the entire customer lifecycle including pricing, billing, and first tier customer support. You’ll have your own custom marketplace with access to our entire suite of Microsoft CSP products bearing your brand.

    Growth Partners can graduate to SCA’s Volume Partner program as their cloud practice expands. Once a sales level has been met, partners benefit from the opportunity to gain additional margin.

    Whichever path you take to add Microsoft Dynamics 365 to your supermarket, Stratos Cloud Alliance has a CSP program that works for you. And remember, there isn’t likely an issue that you’ve faced that we haven’t. After 30 years, we’ve seen just about everything.

    Ready to get started? Download our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Action Plan: A 30-60-90-Day Framework for Cloud Readiness.