6 Ways Partners Build Sustainable Profits with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Growing demand opens new doors for partners to offer Microsoft Dynamics 365. Are you ready to take advantage of these new opportunities?

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    Your customers are clamoring for more cloud-based solutions beyond Office 365. This growing demand opens new doors for partners to offer Microsoft Dynamics 365. Are you ready to take advantage of these new opportunities?

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    How to Grow Profits with Dynamics 365

    Customers want to take advantage of the specialized applications and connected systems that deliver data insight through Microsoft Dynamics 365. Why not give customers the technology they need while also building your own profits?

    Here are six benefits forward-thinking partners gain by offering a full range of Dynamics 365 solutions and services:

    Answer customer demands

    The cloud is where it’s at and this is your time to shine. Microsoft Dynamics 365 puts you in a position to satisfy customer needs while growing your business.

    Maximize resources with an indirect CSP program

    The opportunities are limitless for you to answer customer demands for cloud services. You can partner with a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) to leverage any needed sales, application and implementation expertise or develop your own industry or line-of-business specializations – or any combination thereof.

    Minimize investments

    As highlighted in the eBook, partnering with an Indirect CSP reduces the need for up-front investments. Subsequently, as revenue streams grow, you can invest in training existing employees or hiring specialized personnel.

    Grow profit margins

    Dynamics 365 offers flexibility to expand your business in new ways. Take advantage of innovative business models and revenue opportunities with higher margin service lines such as business process consulting, data analytics or marketable IP.

    Deliver repeatable solutions

    Whether you specialize in one industry sector or many, you need to focus on solving customer pain points with a specific set of applications and services. Consider developing IP or use existing ISV solutions to address the most common business problems that impact many types of organizations.

    Start your Dynamics journey

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 opportunity opens the doors to both you and your customers. Whether you are a Dynamics VAR, Managed Service/IT Provider, an accountant or sell other ERP and CRM systems, Dynamics 365 indirect CSP programs deliver innovative ways to achieve revenue and business goals. There are many ways to build sustainable profits and, no matter what path you choose, the biggest step is simply getting started.

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