AI and Copilot Front and Center at Directions Conference 

Microsoft’s General Manager for Dynamics 365 Business Central, Mike Morton, discusses the success of BC and the future of business applications.

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    At the Directions NA 2023 conference, Mike Morton, Microsoft’s General Manager for Dynamics 365 Business Central, took center stage to discuss the success of Business Central and the future of business applications. 

    With 105% growth year over year of customers with more than 100 users, Dynamics 365 Business Central is gaining significant momentum in the market.  

    With the announcement of the discontinuation of new sales of Dynamics GP, Microsoft is driving its resources into developing and enhancing Business Central to ensure small to midsized companies are able to effectively manage their business and gain a competitive advantage.  

    As Morton talked about the future, he stated that business applications will look different. AI technology is here and is here to stay. He likened the AI tools from Microsoft to the roll out of mobile phones or mobile apps.  

    “This is a big moment,” said Morton. “We’re entering a new era not in just computer, but in how people work and how people operate.” 

    d365 users

    The New Era of Copilot

    Microsoft’s copilot is being introduced into both the Dynamics 365 CRM and ERP applications and brings next generation AI to every line of business.  

    “Microsoft is way ahead in ability to take AI capabilities and bring them to life,” commented Morton. “AI is available today across Dynamics and more is coming over the next 6 months.” 

    Built on Trust

    During Morton’s presentation, he made it clear the commitment Microsoft has to privacy and security of its customers’ data. Customers own their data and it is not used to train any foundational AI models.  

    “Your data is protected by the most comprehensive enterprise compliance and security controls,” said Morton. “This is a promise no other company can make.” 

    Microsoft is not sending data to any third parties. They control the end-to-end ecosystem with security and the end-user as the priority.  

    Information generated by copilot within your system is based on your information and does not pull in any information or data from any other application outside of your solution.  

    What is Copilot?

    Copilot is next gen AI power assistance across all lines of business that keeps the end-user in control (you are the pilot). Copilot provides guidance, descriptions, and suggestions for specific activities within Business Central that you can then edit as needed. Copilot suggestions can be saved for future instances.  

    Copilot provides the following services:  

    • Conversational  
    • Guidance  
    • Action  
    • Insights   
    • Immersive  
    • Sales  
    • Marketing  
    • Finance  
    • Jobs  
    • Supply Chain: optimum layout  
    • Customer Service:  
    • When issues arise, copilot can help instruct your customer service reps with the correct solution for your clients. 

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