Microsoft Bridge to the Cloud 2 Promotion: What You Need to Know

Microsoft is set to change to a new Bridge to the Cloud promotion. Enroll for Bridge to the Cloud 2 starting on February 1, 2023.

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    Microsoft launched the Bridge to the Cloud promotion in September 2021 to support existing SMB customers (Dynamics NAV, GP, SL, Business Central on-premises) committed to moving to the cloud and on an active Enhancement Plan (EP) to obtain discounted cloud licenses through the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program.

    For eligible existing clients who migrate to Dynamics 365 Business Central online via Bridge to the Cloud, Microsoft provides dual-use access to current on-premises licenses. This enables clients to continue using their current system as they transition to Business Central in the cloud.

    Different to the CSP-EP Renewal offer, Bridge to the Cloud has a maximum four-year term instead of three. Customers who enroll in the Bridge to the Cloud promo are committed to transition to the cloud with the expectation that they will move to CSP licensing going forward and will fully migrate to Business Central online after the promotional term expires.

    The Bridge to the Cloud promo will come to an end on December 31, 2022 and be followed by the Bridge to the Cloud 2 promotion.

    Bridge to the Cloud 2: Key Changes

    At the end of the year, Microsoft will change to a new Bridge to the Cloud promotion, called Bridge to the Cloud 2. Enrollment for Bridge to the Cloud 2 starts on February 1, 2023.

    Changes to the promo relate to which clients can take advantage of the promotion and reduction in the discount on a fixed 3 year term.

    With the first program, only on-premises Business Central, NAV, GP and SL clients are eligible. With Bridge to the Cloud 2, the promotion pertains to all on-premises products in the Dynamics portfolio, including AX, Dynamics 365 for Operations, and Dynamics CRM.

    There’s also a change to the discount level, going from 60% down to 40%, and the term limit will now be set at three years. The table below illustrates the key differences:

    Bridge to the Cloud Promotional Plan Comparison

    (migrating from on-premises to Dynamics 365 in the cloud)

    Bridge to the Cloud Bridge to the Cloud 2
    Enrollment Ends 12/31/22 Starts 2/1/23
    Products BC/NAV/GP/SL Entire Dynamics portfolio
    Discount 60% 40%
    Term 1 + 3 @ 1 year = 4 years 3 years

    Bridge to the Cloud 2 Overview

    Client Eligibility
    • Migrating from most on-premises Dynamics products (NAVGP/BC/AX) to the Dynamics 365 online equivalent
    • Cloud SKU must be commercial on New Commerce Experience (NCE) with a three-year term (see SKU list in complete terms and conditions)
    • 40% discount
    • 3-year fixed term (non-renewable)
    Sign-Up Period        February 1, 2023 to December 31, 2024
    Licensing Requirements
    • On-premises system must have an active Enhancement Plan (EP)
    • Annual Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) cost (after 40% discount) ≥ the annual on-prem EP cost
    • Customer must be new to the online SKU
    • Customer must have deployed on-premises system before 9/1/22
    Additional Benefits
    • Dual access rights to use existing on-premises system (does not support adding online users to the on-premises system)
    • Most SKUs offer monthly and annual billing options (partner decides with respect to individual customers)

    For customers migrating to Dynamics 365 Business Central


    • Dual use rights, for Dynamics 365 Business Central ONLY, for latest version (not the existing on-premises version)
    • $0.00 Users – 50 users (with cap), if cost after 40% discount > 2X prior EP (applies primarily to clients with old Dynamics ERP systems)
    Partner Margin        Standard Dynamics 365 CSP/NCE margins


    To see all the details behind the terms and conditions, partners can visit the Bridge to the Cloud 2 website, available to authorized Microsoft partners. After reviewing, Stratos Cloud Alliance recommends talking to your on-premises clients who are interested in or evaluating moving to the cloud to ensure they get the best deal and the biggest discount possible.

    For Help in Communicating the Value of the Cloud

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