Meet Customer Demand: Create YOUR Microsoft Cloud Superstore

The opportunity to increase revenue and better serve your customers by offering cloud business solutions as a Microsoft CSP has never been better.

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    There’s no question about it – the potential for cloud sales is astronomical. IDC predicts cloud spending will exceed $500 Billion by 2020. Currently, 72% of customers are leveraging cloud for one or more of their business applications.

    Cloud-based Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a game changer for ERP and CRM resellers, managed service providers, and accounting and consulting firms. And the opportunity to increase revenue and better serve the needs of your customers by offering Microsoft cloud business solutions has never been better.

    Add value to your customer by extending your cloud solution offerings and:

    1. Increasing customer stickiness to create a customer for life​
    2. Expanding revenue opportunity with existing and new customers​
    3. Introducing higher value services​

    The Cloud Opportunity with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

    Microsoft Dynamics addresses the mid-market: companies in the 1-250 employee size range – for which the revenue projection over the next four years is $4.76 Billion (yes, with a B!) for ERP/Accounting and $5.7 Billion within the CRM space. It’s important to get started today to capture and build your cloud recurring revenue as it doesn’t happen overnight!

    Imagine your practice is a superstore with a variety of aisles: the IT stack aisle, the Cloud Services aisle, and the Business Application aisle. 

    How to become a Microsoft csp

    The Top Five Reasons Why You Should Add a Dynamics 365 Aisle to your Superstore?

    1. Dynamics customers have among the highest lifetime value of any Microsoft client. It isn’t uncommon for relationships to last into multiple decades.  They consume professional services on an ongoing annual basis well beyond the initial implementation. 
    2. Dynamics connects you to your customer’s C-suite, helping you build relationships and trust at the highest level of your customer’s organization.
    3. Dynamics improves and automates a company’s business operations – and since businesses are always changing – their operations change – resulting in revenue opportunities for you.
    4. Dynamics customers are likely to consume other Microsoft services and solutions such as Power Apps, Power BI, Azure IOT, etc.
    5. Adding the Dynamics 365 annuity to your existing portfolio improves your margins (Dynamics margins are among the highest of all Microsoft solutions), drags along consulting revenue, and provides a platform for more solutions.

    How to Become a Microsoft CSP and Create Your Superstore

    Let’s say you’ve decided to add a Dynamics aisle to your superstore. How do you go about doing it? You may want to outsource the entire aisle. Or you just need a guide while you cautiously invest. Or you may want to develop a full practice, but just need help getting started. There’s no doubt about it – building a cloud practice requires new thinking, new business skills, new resources, and new ideas. We will dig into the ways in which we can help in our next Blog: Three Ways to Create YOUR Microsoft Cloud Superstore.

    To learn more about building a Dynamics 365 aisle in your superstore, download our infographic.

    More About Stratos Cloud Alliance

    Stratos Cloud Alliance provides all the services a partner needs to build a profitable cloud solutions business with Microsoft Dynamics 365. In fact, we’re the only Indirect Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) in North America that specializes in Microsoft Dynamics business solutions. With over 30 years of experience, we are a leader in deploying business applications through the transformational cloud and delivering a client experience that is second to none.