Microsoft Inspire 2023: Key Resources and Exciting Announcements

Whether you're interested in cutting-edge technologies, industry solutions, or partnership opportunities, these resources have something for everyone.

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    Recently, Microsoft held its highly anticipated Inspire keynote, unveiling a plethora of groundbreaking developments and exciting announcements. The event showcased the company’s commitment to innovation and collaboration, highlighting numerous advancements across various domains. To help you delve deeper into the topics covered during the keynote, we have compiled a comprehensive list of key resources and links. Whether you’re interested in cutting-edge technologies, industry solutions, or partnership opportunities, this collection has something for everyone.

    Microsoft Inspire Updates

    Microsoft Inspire Keynote Summary:

    If you missed the live event or want a concise overview of the highlights, this summary provides a comprehensive breakdown: Link

    Inspire News 2023:

    Stay up to date with the latest news and updates from Microsoft Inspire 2023: Link

    Copilot and AI Updates

    Microsoft 365 Copilot:

    Learn about Microsoft 365 Copilot, an intelligent platform that offers guidance and support to empower organizations in optimizing their Microsoft 365 experience: Link

    Sales Copilot:

    Explore Sales Copilot, a powerful tool designed to help sales teams increase productivity and improve customer engagement: Link

    5 Ways to Infuse AI into Your IP:

    Discover five effective strategies to incorporate AI into your intellectual property, unlocking new opportunities for innovation and growth: Link

    Microsoft Security Copilot Partner Interest Form:

    Interested in becoming a Microsoft Security Copilot Partner? Fill out the partner interest form to express your interest and learn more: Link

    Security AI:

    Explore the intersection of security and artificial intelligence with Security AI, harnessing advanced technologies to protect organizations against emerging threats: Link

    Era of AI Assets:

    Gain valuable insights into the Era of AI Assets and how organizations can harness the power of artificial intelligence to drive growth and innovation: Link

    Microsoft Global AI Bootcamp:

    Join the Microsoft Global AI Bootcamp and immerse yourself in hands-on learning, workshops, and discussions centered around AI technologies: Link

    AI Transformation Partner Playbook:

    Get access to the AI Transformation Partner Playbook, which provides valuable insights and strategies for leveraging AI to drive business transformation: Link

    New Microsoft Partnerships

    Microsoft and Open SI:

    Discover the partnership between Microsoft and Open SI, and how it brings together industry expertise and cutting-edge technology to drive digital transformation: Link

    Microsoft & Meta, Llama 2 on Azure & Windows:

    Learn about the collaboration between Microsoft and Meta, as well as the integration of Llama 2 on Azure and Windows, ushering in new possibilities for immersive experiences: Link

    Microsoft Solution Updates

    Bing Chat Enterprise:

    Discover the power of Bing Chat Enterprise, Microsoft’s enterprise-grade chat solution designed to enhance communication and collaboration within organizations: Link

    Microsoft Customer Engagement Methodology (MCEM):

    Discover the Microsoft Customer Engagement Methodology (MCEM), a comprehensive framework designed to help organizations deliver exceptional customer experiences: Link

    What’s New for Power Virtual Agents:

    Stay informed about the latest updates and enhancements to Power Virtual Agents, Microsoft’s no-code chatbot solution: Link

    Dynamics 365 2023 Release Wave 2:

    Gain insights into the upcoming Dynamics 365 2023 Release Wave 2, featuring new functionalities and enhancements across the Dynamics 365 suite: Link

    Power Automate:

    Process Mining Uncover the capabilities of Power Automate Process Mining, a solution that enables organizations to analyze and optimize their business processes for increased efficiency: Link

    Power Platform 2023 Release Wave 2:

    Discover the exciting updates and features coming in the Power Platform 2023 Release Wave 2, empowering organizations to build powerful applications and workflows: Link

    Microsoft Fabric:

    Learn about Microsoft Fabric, a scalable and secure platform that enables developers to build and deploy cloud-native applications with ease: Link

    Get Started with Microsoft Fabric:

    Access a comprehensive guide to help you get started with Microsoft Fabric and harness its capabilities for your projects: Link

    Partner Programs

    Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program:

    Explore the Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program, offering resources, support, and opportunities for partners to leverage AI technologies: Link

    Microsoft AI CPP Partner Assets:

    Discover the Microsoft AI CPP Partner Assets, providing valuable tools and assets to facilitate the development and deployment of AI solutions: Link

    Microsoft IMV Partner:

    Learn about the Microsoft IMV Partner program and how it enables partners to deliver industry-specific solutions to customers: Link

    Biz Apps Opportunities for Partners:

    Explore the exciting business applications opportunities available for partners and how they can capitalize on Microsoft’s ecosystem: Link

    Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub:

    If you’re a startup founder, the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub provides valuable resources, support, and opportunities to scale your business: Link

    Solutions Partner Designations:

    Discover the different solutions partner designations offered by Microsoft and how they can elevate your partnership status and opportunities: Link:

    Advanced Specializations:

    Explore advanced specializations available to partners, providing recognition and expertise in specific Microsoft technologies and domains: Link

    Co-sell Requirements:

    Find out about the co-sell requirements for partners interested in collaborating with Microsoft to bring their solutions to market: Link

    Industry Solutions

    Microsoft Industry Solutions:

    Uncover Microsoft’s industry-specific solutions, designed to address unique challenges and accelerate digital transformation across various sectors: Link

    Industry Solutions Partner Approach:

    Explore the Industry Solutions Partner Approach, a collaborative framework that enables partners to deliver tailored solutions for specific industries: Link

    The Microsoft Inspire keynote delivered an array of remarkable announcements, showcasing the company’s commitment. Follow us on LinkedIn to stay tuned for more updates and announcements as Microsoft continues to shape the future of technology. Don’t miss our upcoming webinar scheduled for July 25, 2023, at 12 PM (EST). We’ll be having an in-depth discussion and recap of the Inspire event. Be sure to join us. Register here!