Microsoft Power Pages: Another Customer Touchpoint Opportunity for Solution Providers

Are you a Microsoft partner looking to take advantage of a new solutions opportunity? Learn about what Power Pages can do for your customers.

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    The preview announcement earlier this year of Power Pages, the newest addition to the Power Platform, syncs with Microsoft’s mission to enable customers to “do more with less.” The introduction of new solutions like this, which add to the clout of the Microsoft Cloud, also represents a customer touchpoint opportunity for Microsoft partners.

    Expected to be generally available before the end of 2022, Power Pages will make it easier for your customers to become “citizen developers” where they can create, host, and manage their websites without extensive technical skills. Most customers will discover this holds true for relatively simple functions and seeing the potential of Power Pages will open their eyes to even more possibilities.

    That’s when adding functionality becomes more complex. This could involve intricate web services or perhaps integrations with other Microsoft applications and third-party tools. Customers may then need help from you—their trusted IT partner.

    Expertise to Support Your Customer Relationships

    We recommend introducing your customers to the Power Pages preview and giving them an opportunity to test it while also having a conversation about the various capabilities that can bring value to their businesses. As their partner, you understand your customer workflows and how various technologies can help them operate more efficiently. This is a key value-add service you provide.

    As Power Pages becomes generally available, if the client shows interest in functions that require custom coding for which you don’t have the required expertise, that’s where Stratos Cloud Alliance can help. While you focus on relationships and helping customers formulate their technology strategies, we can provide the resources to design, build, and deploy Power Pages solutions and integrations. You run the show while we assist.

    A 10X Revenue Opportunity

    Taking advantage of the opportunity created by new Microsoft solutions like Power Pages is a great way to generate revenue. At the recent Microsoft Inspire conference for solution provider partners, they estimate that for every $1 customers spend on software licensing, they spend $10 on services to assist with the software.

    Revenue Increase

    Even more importantly, it’s vital to be out there in front of your customers to continue educating them about new technologies. If you don’t, another partner may use announcements like the Power Pages preview to get their foot in the door—and that might put your customer relationships in jeopardy.

    You don’t have to be a Power Pages expert. Just know where it can provide value to your customers and then collaborate with Stratos—the experts in solution design and deployment and your one-stop shop for the Microsoft Cloud platform.

    To learn more about what Power Pages can do for your customers and how to approach them to discuss how the solution can help their business, contact Stratos Cloud Alliance today.