Progressus Advanced Projects January Release Now Available

Progressus Advanced Projects release is available. Learn about the enhancements to journals, resources, projects, and WIP!

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    Progressus Advanced Projects release is available and includes a variety of enhancements to journals, resources, projects, and WIP.

    Progressus Advanced Projects release includes application enhancements to expand the robust functionality available to professional services and project-based businesses.

    The January release contains enhancements most notably to Budget, Reports and Resource Planning.

    Project and expense

    Budget, Reports & Resource Planning

    Progressus updateCost and Prices for Expense and Items are now viewable on Project Ledger Entries
    custom updates

    A new Hour Bank Detail Report has been added

    bug fixes png

    Bug fixes most notably to Billing, Project, and Time

    Budget Updates

    • The Budget Hours field in the Budget Matrix Project Information Factbox on does not get updated when budget hours are entered:
      • Sold Amount, Resource Cost, Item Cost, Expense Cost, Gross Profit, and Gross Margin fields have been added to the Factbox. The quantity that displays in the Budget Hours Factbox is based on the following:
        • If hours are entered on the Project Card > Invoicing FastTab > Hour Budget then it will display those hours
        • If the Hour Budget field on the Project Card is 0, then the hours from budget entries for Resources and Resource Groups will be displayed

    Reports Updates

    • An Hour Bank Detail Report is needed:
      • A new Hour Bank Detail report has been added. The report will:
        • Include all projects for that Hour Bank
        • Include the beginning balance for the Hour Bank
        • Include subtotal usage by project
        • Include hours or amount values based on the Hour Bank Type
        • Include remaining balance for the Hour Bank

    Additional Enhancements and Bug Fixes

    This release also includes bug fixes to Budget and Contracts as well as bug fixes for Expense, Project, Purchasing, Reports, Subcontract, and System Wide.

    Progressus Advanced Projects January Release

    The Progressus release is available for download on AppSource.

    About Progressus

    Advanced Projects by Progressus integrates directly with Dynamics 365 Business Central, delivering an integrated solution for the professional services industry, addressing industry requirements with project management, billing, and inventory management functionalities.

    Advanced Projects is a single, cloud-based solution that provides what professional services companies need, including robust business management functionality such as financial management and customer relationship management (CRM) functionality. Professional Services companies now get the advanced tools and insights they need to beat the competition, drive excellence in strategic planning, sales and marketing, operations, and finance, leveraging Microsoft’s cloud platform.

    If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to the experts at Stratos Cloud Alliance.