Progressus Advanced Projects June Release Now Available

Progressus Advanced Projects release is available. Learn about the enhancements to Budget, Project and Time!

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    Progressus Advanced Projects release is available and includes a variety of enhancements.

    Progressus Advanced Projects release is now available and includes application enhancements to expand the robust functionality available to professional services and project-based businesses.

    The June release contains enhancements most notably to Budget, Project, and Time.

    Project and expense

    Budget, Project, and Time

    Progressus updateUsers can choose how changes  to budget entries affect existing work assignments
    custom updates

    The lookup list of contacts on the Project Card has been expanded to consider bill-to and sell-to customer

    bug fixes png

    Bug fixes most notably to Busget and Project

    Budget Updates

    • Changes to Budget entries that have corresponding work assignments (Resource Board entries) are not synchronized and this results in double entries in the Resource Board. Each budget entry contains a budget entry number:
      • The user can choose how changes to budget entries affect existing work assignments. The new field called Work Assignment Action is added to the Budget Matrix (and Budget Matrix with Capacity).
        • Work Assignment Action: Specifies how a work assignment is affected when a change is made to a budget entry. Changes made to budget entries that are paired with work assignments may be viewed in the Budget Work Assignment Journal.

    Project Updates

    • Customers would like to increase the character length of the Project Posting Group Code field on the Project Card to avoid an error in Calculate WIP “The length of the string is xx, but it must be less than or equal to 10 characters. VALUE: DIRECT COST”:
      • The Project Posting Group Code field set to a length of 20 characters.
    • Customers request the ability to associate contracts to their projects based on both bill-to customer and sell-to customer:
      • The lookup list of contracts on the Project Card has been expanded to consider bill-to and sell-to customer.

    Time Updates

    • Customer requested the ability to create Project Ledger usage entries when the warehouse shipment is posted. The attempted post resulted in a message “You cannot post usage for job ‘xxxxx’ because a quantity remains to be picked”:
      • Resolution: Enhanced functionality that allows the warehouse shipment to be posted and corresponding usage entry is created.

    Additional Enhancements and Bug Fixes

    This release also includes bug fixes to Contracts, Costing & Pricing, Setup, Vacation/Flex and WIP.

    Progressus Advanced Projects June Release 2023

    The Progressus release is available for download on AppSource.

    About Progressus

    Advanced Projects by Progressus integrates directly with Dynamics 365 Business Central, delivering an integrated solution for the professional services industry, addressing industry requirements with project management, billing, and inventory management functionalities.

    Advanced Projects is a single, cloud-based solution that provides what professional services companies need, including robust business management functionality such as financial management and customer relationship management (CRM) functionality. Professional Services companies now get the advanced tools and insights they need to beat the competition, drive excellence in strategic planning, sales and marketing, operations, and finance, leveraging Microsoft’s cloud platform.

    If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to the experts at Stratos Cloud Alliance.