SCA Website – A New Look and New Features

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    I’m excited to announce that we just launched our new SCA website. With a new look, improved user experience and new features, is better than ever.

    Checkout our new Partner Program page to learn about our new partner-types. We offer four flexible partner models with value-added features and benefits for ERP and CRM resellers, Managed Service Providers, Accounting and Consulting firms.

    Checkout our new Insights page with events, downloadables and videos available. We will be adding a lot of content to these pages, so be sure to check back soon for the latest updates.

    Attending Directions NA 2018?

    Checkout our Directions NA 2018 Event Page, join us today for our “Race to Cloud” session and evening reception.

    We’ve rebranded and changed a few things, but we are still delivering the same great Partner experience. All of our programs include dedicated partner teams and support services designed to simplify your onboarding and streamline your path to making money with Microsoft Cloud. As you begin to seize the opportunities in the cloud and increase your volume, enjoy the benefits of up to 28% margin. Click the partner program link above to learn more.