Top Opportunities for Partners to Leverage in 2024

In this blog, learn the valuable insights into key opportunities available to Microsoft Partners heading into 2024.

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    To help partners navigate the Microsoft landscape, this blog will provide insight into the key opportunities available as we head into 2024. You can also watch our recap video below that covers all of these topics and more.  

    Let’s take a look at some of the advantages that partners can leverage.  

    Generative AI and Microsoft Copilot 

    This next big paradigm shift that partners will need to focus on is AI. AI and virtual assistants have now become the norm. Key software platforms have rolled out AI features, and ChatGPT adoption for content creation has increased dramatically. Clients are leveraging Generative AI and natural language processing to query knowledge base information and drive consistency across their organization.  

    Microsoft is investing heavily in AI with the rollout of Copilot in Business Central. This functionality can be used to improve efficiency by automating daily workflows, which ultimately eliminates manual processes and reduces error. 

    AI will continue to be prominent across businesses, which means if you haven’t started the conversation with your clients about AI, the time to start is now.    

    Marketplace Opportunities 

    Another option that partners can benefit from is Microsoft Marketplaces. If you’re unfamiliar, Microsoft Marketplaces can help transform your business by connecting you with millions of potential customers worldwide. The program offers businesses a way to get your service offering in front of others with no charge.  

    Before entering the program, consider analyzing what your strengths are and where you want to focus on. If verticalization applies to you, Copilot offers capabilities to research vertical markets and see where opportunities are. Additionally, our team is available as a resource for you to leverage if you have any questions.  

    AIM Program and Incentives  

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform have experienced significant growth year after year. With that being said, there are tens of thousands of Dynamics on-premise clients that have not migrated to the cloud. 

    As Microsoft continues to invest in the partner community, there is a limited time offer available through the AIM program. This offering involves funded pre-sales assessments and post-sales subscription incentives for partners to increase the number of on-prem clients who move to Dynamics 365 Business Central.  

    How Partners Can Prepare  

    What is your plan for migrating your on-premise clients into the cloud in 2024? Our team works with partners to accelerate your clients cloud migrations, making the process seamless from start to finish.  

    If you would like to guidance or resources for how to help move your clients from on-prem to the cloud, reach out to our team today.