Why Are Microsoft Partners Joining Stratos Cloud Alliance for Growth Support?

Not all partners require the same level of enablement or support. Stratos Cloud offers a variety of partner programs to fit different needs.

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    Are you a Microsoft Partner looking to grow your business? Stratos Cloud Alliance offers the perfect solution to help you reach your goals. With over 33 years of experience in the business applications field, Stratos Cloud supports different types of partners to cater to the unique needs of Microsoft CSP Indirect Resellers.

    Understanding the Needs of Microsoft Partners

    Not every Microsoft Partner faces the same challenges or requires the same resources. That’s why Stratos Cloud offers a range of partner programs, each designed to address different levels of enablement, support, and staffing needs. We provide marketing, sales, and enablement tools across Dynamics 365, Power PlatformMicrosoft 365, and Azure Cloud.

    Comprehensive Support for CSP Indirect Resellers

    While we may not have all the fancy window dressings of other CSP Indirect Providers, Stratos Cloud’s partner support and service offerings are backed by over three decades of experience in successful Microsoft Dynamics implementations. At Stratos Cloud, we offer services that are provided in-house, guaranteeing superior quality and extensive support.

    Stratos Cloud Partner Portal: Accelerate Your Growth

    Our Stratos Cloud Partner Portal is the gateway to accelerating your business growth. Whether you’re looking to build a pipeline, track sales opportunities, or train new employees, the Portal provides the necessary resources. Extend your value to customers by adding new offerings to your portfolio through our Stratos Cloud 3-easy-step series, geared towards quick identification, selling, and supporting opportunities.

    Benefits of Joining Stratos Cloud

    Stratos Cloud isn’t just any Indirect Provider. We’re the Microsoft Indirect Provider of the Year with a team of experienced resources ready to help you achieve your goals. As Sydney Thornton of Thornton Consulting puts it, “Stratos Cloud Alliance is a fabulous source of staffing, materials, and support for any Microsoft cloud practice.” Our treasure trove of resources empowers partners to sell the entire Microsoft ecosystem of cloud solutions.


    Joining Stratos Cloud Alliance means partnering with a provider that truly understands the needs of Microsoft Partners. From Dynamics 365 and Azure Cloud to personalized support and dedicated account managers, Stratos Cloud offers the tools and experience you need to support and accelerate your growth in the Microsoft ecosystem. Explore our partner programs and offerings today, and let us help you achieve more without any additional investment. Schedule a quick call with our team to get started.