Our Business Central Development training program will boost you in the Business Central customization and development practice. A real-world implementation scenario leads your learning journey and keeps you aligned with the customization practice. This program includes everything you need to jumpstart a development career in Business Central as a modern cloud solution developer.

So if you want to:

  • Learn how to customize the Business Central solution
  • Work with the visual studio code and AL
  • Know the event driven architecture
  • Learn all customization essentials
  • Start to work with DevOps, Docker, and GIT

Purchase for Your Partner Organization

Set up & manage BC environments X X
Use BC demo & trial environments X X
Work with the interface X X
Work with data in BC X X
Create new companies X X
Set up users X X
Migrate business data X X
Personalization & alternative interfaces X X
Positioning Business Central  X X
Business Central Architecture  X X
Events X X
VSC – Visual Studio Code  X X
AL – Application Language  X X
The AL language Extension X X
Using sandboxes for development  X X
Creating new extensions in VSC X X
Working with JSON configuration files X X
Deploy and debug  X X
Working with tables X X
Master data datamodel  X X
Table relations  X X
Master data pages X X
Table and field triggers  X X
Calculated fields X X
Document data-model X X
Document pages X X
RoleCenter pages X X
Data manipulation with AL X X
Actions X X
Profiles X X
Deploy to Saas X X
Permission sets X X
Get started with Azure DevOps X
Manage Azure Devops projects X
Working the agile way X
Configure your Docker environment X
Working with Docker X
Creating a BC container for development X
Installing and configuring GIT X
Working with local and remote GIT repos X
Commit changes to GIT and push to Azure DevOps X
Creating Views in AL X
RoleCenter pages X
Setup Tables and Singleton Design Pattern X
Use Enum instead of Option X
Working with Codeunits X
Using Notifications X
Labels X
Page, Control & Action triggers X
Create custom functions X
Reverse engineer standard Business Central code X
Event based architecture X
Role Center pages and Role Center Lists X
Developing and implementing Factboxes X
Reports and report design X
Report Builder or Visual Studio X
Report Data Models X
Simple report datasets X
Simple RDLC Layouts X
Simple Word Layouts X
Report Dataset and Layout Patterns X
Multi Language Reports X
Report Extensions X
Document Reports X
Report selection X
Real life Customization exercises X
Deploy to Docker X
Deploy to SaaS X
Working with User Stories in Azure Boards X
Active learning with real life case story & labs X X
Instructor accessibility and passion X X
Access 4 months 4 months
Booster Certification Onboarded in Business Central Core Development Specialist in Business Central

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