Stratos Success

Software and training go hand in hand. Stratos Success delivers industry leading software solutions, rapid implementation and a self-service training portal to ensure your organization is maximizing its investment. Stratos Success’ personalized training enables more advanced employees to learn at their own pace while guiding newer users to be comfortable in their learning. With content in formats like how-to-guides, screenshot driven walkthroughs, videos, and more, Stratos Success enables employees to learn through the methods that best suit them.

With Stratos Success, you and your customers can access:

  • Tailored User Learning Hubs: Stratos Success provides users with an interactive training experience, personalized for their role and needs.
  • Guided Learning Paths: With structured learning paths, users are guided through every step of their learning journey from the first onboarding steps to becoming a power user.
  • Self-Service Support: Stratos Success’ robust, automatically updated Knowledge Base has an intuitive search function that gives users exactly the information they need, right when they need it, deflecting costly help desk tickets.
  • Flexible Content Types: Stratos Success supports all types of content, including videos, audio recordings, interactive walk-throughs, presentations, and more.
  • Peer Communities: Stratos Success provides an engaging Peer2Peer network that brings teams closer together while leveraging champions within your organization to save other users time in getting their questions answered.

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