How to Build a Profitable Dynamics 365 Practice

Capitalize on Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers without adding internal resources - learn all the different ways you can become a reseller today.

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    It’s clear that the demand for Microsoft Cloud Solutions is rapidly increasing. Whether you are a Dynamics VAR, Managed Service/IT Provider, an accountant, or sell other ERP or CRM systems, did you know you can capitalize on the opportunities Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers without adding internal resources?

    Are customers clamoring for cloud services that you want to provide? Ready to leverage the partner network to your advantage? Interested in increasing CSP profitability? If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you are ready to begin your Dynamics journey.

    Define Your Dynamics 365 Practice Roadmap

    Envision what you want your practice to look like in a year, five years or longer. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 opportunities are practically limitless, and every partner will take a different path. You have so many options when choosing how to capitalize on the growing Microsoft Cloud Business Solutions market. You can:

    • Provide customers with cloud services without adding headcount or diverting resources.
    • Leverage Dynamics 365 partner programs so you can answer customer demands while you are growing your internal skills and workforce.
    • Go ‘all-in’ by building a Microsoft Business Application practice and selling your own marketable solutions in the Microsoft AppSource marketplace.

    The bottom line is that you can build a successful cloud practice no matter where your capabilities stand today.

    Leverage the Microsoft Dynamic 365 Opportunity to Your Advantage

    Whether you have no interest in business applications or want to go all-in, you don’t have to go it alone. The partner network is deep. Stratos Cloud Alliance (SCA) provides all the services a partner may need when building a profitable cloud solutions business. With Dynamics 365 as the foundation, SCA facilitates a seamless transition as you embark on your own digital and business transformation.

    As discussed in our eBook, 6 Ways Partners Build Sustainable Profitability with Microsoft Dynamics 365, you can create a profitable cloud business easier than you think. By adding cloud solutions and services, you will be able to:

    1. Deliver what customers demand by tapping into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem of specialized applications and partnering with strategic ISVs.
    2. Leverage existing employee experience while building functional expertise through development of industry or line-of-business specializations.
    3. Work with CSPs to minimize capital investments until you are ready to justify more resources and commitment.
    4. Add high-end, value-added services that command higher billable rates or partner with a provider that can deliver those services.
    5. Provide customers with packaged solutions that solve common pain points in defined markets. Taking this repeatable approach also accelerates entry into new marketplaces.
    6. Determine what it will take to offer customers the cloud solutions they want today, while you start building sustainable profits.

    Start Profiting with Microsoft Dynamics 365

    Your customers have come to know and enjoy the advantages offered with cloud solutions and you can provide everything they need. Download our eBook to learn how other forward-thinking partners are taking their business to the next level and contact the SCA team any time for additional guidance and support.