Profiting from the Cloud in 2020: A Guide for Partners

Cloud-based business management systems are being pursued by businesses of all sizes and encompassing many different industry sectors.

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    Cloud-based business management systems are being pursued by businesses of all sizes and encompassing many different industry sectors. As highlighted in 6 Ways Partners Build Sustainable Profitability with Microsoft Dynamics 365, Gartner predicts growth in the cloud services industry to be nearly three times greater than the growth of overall IT services.

    The Microsoft Dynamics 365 Opportunity Has Never Been Better

    Dynamics 365 offers a win-win proposition for both you and your customers. Not only does the cloud help businesses improve profitability, it helps partners do the same.

    Here are 3 of the TOP REASONS partners are adding Microsoft Dynamics 365 to their practice:

    Give customers what they want

    Most businesses have already tested cloud applications and services and they like what they have experienced. Now, they’re ready for a digital transformation and are looking to integrate a full range of cloud business solutions like Dynamics 365, Office 365 and Power BI. Whether you provide the apps and services or team up with a cloud partner like Stratos Cloud Alliance, or a combination of both, you will strengthen customer relationships and improve retention while building profits.

    Add value to add profit

    The sky is the limit as to the strategy you choose to build a profitable Dynamics 365-based business. In addition to the apps and connected solutions that customers want, you can offer higher value services, such as business process consulting, data analytics or marketable IP. These advanced services command higher billable rates that will help you achieve high profit margins.

    Offer packaged, repeatable solutions

    Many partners specialize in an industry or know their target market well. You understand the pain points experienced by your customers better than anyone, so why not capitalize on it? Dynamics 365 makes it easy to offer packaged, repeatable solutions to solve specific challenges for your customers. This enables you to accelerate entry into new markets.

    Start Your Microsoft Cloud Journey Today

    Every partner begins their Microsoft Cloud journey from a different starting point. Stratos Cloud Alliance helps you build a successful, profitable Dynamics 365 practice from the ground up. Envision where you want your business to go and grow, then develop the path and partnerships that will get you there.

    Download our eBook and contact the team at Stratos Cloud Alliance. We’ll show you how to capitalize on an exploding market in a way that makes sense for your business needs and goals.

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