Progressus Advanced Projects January Release Now Available

Progressus Advanced Projects release is available and includes a variety of enhancements to timesheets, emails, approvals, and more.

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    Progressus Advanced Projects release is now available and includes application enhancements to expand the robust functionality available to professional services and project-based businesses.

    The January release includes a variety of timesheet enhancements that provides users the option to automatically send email notifications to select project managers and project executives for timesheet or expense report approval. Additionally, the ability to work with Microsoft’s new email features has been added. Emails can be sent from the current user, shared email, or SMTP.

    The second area of enhancement in the release centers around events. Now users can add new events to enable extensibility of budgeting, hour bank posting, and move entries.


    Progressus Release Update


    • Timesheet Configuration Updates
      • ‘Send Email to Line Manager after PM Approval’
        • Ability to automatically send email to Line Manager once the Project Manager approves an expense report or timesheet.
      • ‘Send Email to Project Executive Approval’
        • Ability to automatically sent the Project Executive an email notification for the third layer of expense reports approval or time sheet approval.
      • Compatibility with Microsoft’s new email features
        • Emails can be sent from current user, shared email, or SMPT.
        • Email scenarios have been added for each of the areas that Advanced Projects generates email. The areas include Timesheet, Expense Report, Contracts, Subcontracts, and Project Alerts.
      • New events added to enable extensibility of budgeting, hour bank posting, and move entries.

    Along with enhancements, bug fixes included in the release focus around billing, budget, contracts, costing and pricing, project, reports, and sales price adjustment.

    Read the full release notes here: Progressus-Advanced Projects Release

    The Progressus release is available for download on AppSource.

    About Progressus

    Advanced Projects by Progressus integrates directly with Dynamics 365 Business Central, delivering an integrated solution for the professional services industry, addressing industry requirements with project management, billing, and inventory management functionalities.

    Advanced Projects is a single, cloud-based solution that provides what professional services companies need, including robust business management functionality such as financial management and customer relationship management (CRM) functionality. Professional Services companies now get the advanced tools and insights they need to beat the competition, drive excellence in strategic planning, sales and marketing, operations, and finance, leveraging Microsoft’s cloud platform.

    If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to the experts at Stratos Cloud Alliance.